Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mba'éichapa (and other highlights of the first week)

It's been an interesting first week in Paraguay! Mostly I´ve been learning a bit more about Paraguayan culture and language and spending time with the Bowen family. Insert pictures of adorable children here:

 Timmy and Lucas


So it´s been fun to get to know them and their parents, Andy and Lizet.
I´ve also been learning a little Guaraní, which is one of the official languages of Paraguay in addition to Spanish. So far, I can say “Mba’éichapa” (which means “Hello, how are you?” ). When I tried to say the word for “good,” all the students in the class I was teaching giggled. Maybe that´s an indication that I still have some work to do. :-)
And speaking of the class, I got to start it yesterday. I had seven students, ages 7-11. They were really bright and eager to learn. I hope I´ll have a picture of them to post really soon. We practiced saying “hello” and “goodbye,” and learned a few colors, too. Every once in a while, we played an elaborate game of charades/twenty questions when they asked for the English translation of a word I had never learned.
It´s really beautiful up here on the hill. The view is gorgeous, and I´m enjoying all the beautiful plants and flowers-especially the ones that happen to produce raspberries and lemons. :-)

View from the front porch 

Please continue to pray that the adjustment will be smooth, that the neighbors and I will be able to communicate well, and that I will be empowered to show what Jesus looks like in a new way.
Well, that´s all for now. Look for more soon and enjoy your own summers!

Until next time,

Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Beginning...

Welcome to my new blog! I´m very excited that you´re visiting. If you´re reading this, you probably also read my blog about South Korea last summer. That adventure is over, but I´ve just started on another one.
So where am I going to be this summer? I just arrived in Paraguay, a small country in southern South America. I’m going through World Gospel Mission with a missionary family in a village a few hours from the capital of Asunción. Right now, the plan is for me to teach English to elementary-aged students and to do pretty much anything else that needs doing. You’ll have to keep reading to find out more. :-)
I´m incredibly excited to be in South America, especially since I’m a Spanish major and this is my first time in a Spanish-speaking country. Please continue to pray for a good adjustment, and for me to both be a servant and to learn a lot while I’m here.
How was the trip, you may ask? A little...longer than expected. The weather in Asunción ended up being a little uncooperative, so the plane had to land in Brazil and come back later. Thankfully, we finally got to land, although it was seven hours later than expected. I would have a picture from the airplane, but it was a bit foggy, and I didn´t think it would be a good shot. I´ll post some pictures soon, I promise. :-)
Thanks so much for your support and prayers. Look for another blog post really soon.

Until next time,